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The LR1000 Optimized for professional musicians and Mobile DJ's

         AU $ 1,795.00 Ea
The SR18A is high performance powered sub-bass system, it includes a Denmark PASCAL Amplifier board and German ALL DSP board. Designed for use wi t h SR5 ultra slim speakers. SR18A features a 500 wat t 18" neodymium ultra low distortion woofer. The neodymium motor delivers extreme high magnetic flux for increased efficiency, and the magnet structure and suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion. The ultra-light reflex cabinet is fitted with two pocket handles and one 35mm pole mounting point for easy installation Together with SR5, it consists of a total sonic solution for small theaters,concert halls, AV presentations.
PR- 312A/ 315A
Plastic Full Range Active System
LPA-2206 Series line array consists of arange of affordable, efficient and high quality systems for live music and show applications. The system isfool-proof ,flexi ble and easily extendable.
LPA-12A is the self powered line array speaker which features 2pcs 8" drivers plus a 1" compression driver, The self-powred LPA-410A subwoofer features 4pcs 10" woofer, it is the macthed subwoofer for LPA2208.
LPA-2208/ 410A can be ground stacked or supended by the optional hardware.
They are ideal for community centers, bars, ball rooms, churches and small to medium size indoor or out door live shows.
SR5 with SR18A

Live Sound Systems